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Norma Casteel Black Biography

Norma Casteel Black is a versatile artist who creates works in oil, pastel and watercolor. Her work is figurative. Norma has been painting and drawing since she was a child.

Norma holds a degree in painting and print making from Indiana University Herron School of Art. She worked for 25 years as a commercial artist in Indiana and Chicago. Most of her commercial work was for the publishing business. She also created watercolor illustrations for educational filmstrips.

"When I was a kid I discovered I had a knack for capturing a likeness. I was stage struck and liked to draw portraits of movie stars from their photos in movie magazines.

Soon I was drawing family and friends from life. That's how I got into painting portraits. I participated in local art shows and started getting commissions."

Norma still paints portraits, but since moving to Florida, she has begun plein air painting. "I have developed a passion for painting seascapes. It's a great challenge to try to capture the movement of the waves and the subtle changes in color and light."


Portrait Society of America

Florida Plein Air Society